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Greg Curry - Professional Network Technician / Programmer.
Serving the Greater Milwaukee Area / SE Wisconsin.

I am currently Senior Systems Engineer at ManagePoint, LLC.
If you are in need of my talents please contact me there, or use my contact from.
You can also find me on Linked In.

Professional Profile:
  • Over 20 years experience designing servers and networks, building and repairing computers, custom software and database development, web site design for business and industry in SE Wisconsin.
  • Ability to visualize and solve complex troubleshooting trees.
  • Experience servicing a wide range of business types with various industry specific software platforms.
  • Capable of quickly learning any new hardware or software platform, or programming syntax, by drawing on my existing knowledge of a wide range of computer technology and electronics.
  • Vast experience with all common server, network, and workstation hardware and software. Including products from industry leaders such as Cisco, Microsoft, RedHat, Symantec, Intel, AMD, HP, Seagate, LSI, Adaptec, and APC.
  • Expert level understanding of networks, protocols and security, router and firewall configurations, VPN and WAN, managed switches, high throughput server design, and high performance workstation design.
  • Design of Windows and Linux Internet Servers including DNS, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, and other related services. File Servers using Active Directory and Samba. Server spam filters using Greylisting, DNSBL, SPF.
  • Worked with telecom providers such as TW Telecom, XO Communications, TDS Telecom, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, OneCom to provision dedicated high speed data services such as ISDN, T1, DS3, DSL, and Cable Internet.
  • Programming and Database design skills including C/C++, PHP, Perl, SQL, RRD, DBF, Flat Files.
  • Understanding of analog and digital circuit design and repair, ability to read complex schematics.
  • Sales and marketing experience, ability to asses customer needs and propose custom tailored solutions based on my direct experience with a wide range of products and vendors.
  • Disaster recovery planning using RAID and automated tape backup technologies, off-site storage.
  • Remote maintenance using VPN, pcAnywhere, Remote Desktop, and RealVNC Enterprise.
  • Deployment of wired copper / optical and wireless networks, understanding of cabling and signaling standards.
  • Excellent communication skills, over 15 years experience as a field tech interacting directly with end users.
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